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High Precision&Long Endurance UAV U880
U880 is a high-end UAV developed for the "Station-Station" intelligent inspection, which is compatible with the intelligent nest and mobile flying patrol operation vehicle platform. As well as cooperate with the intelligent inspection air-fleet cloud control platform and the control center, it can realize unattended and automatic completion of fine inspection, channel inspection, tree obstacle inspection, disaster assessment and other field data collection work of transmission, transformation and distribution lines.

√ It adopts a new flight control and power solution, which with long endurance capacity, larger battery capacity, shorter charging time and longer flight time. After charging with 30 minutes, its working time can up to 58 minutes .

√ Built-in micro PC and 4G communication module, it can automatically achieve the functions of take-off, route execution, return, landing, automatic charging and data uploading.

√ It is equipped with RTK positioning system, combining with Qianxun network base station, can provide centimeter-level precision positioning. With the configuration of dual antennas it provides an accurate orientation for flight control, as well as provides a strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability.

√ Multi-loading cloud platform can be ed. By equipping with 2000W high pixel visible light camera/infrared camera in a quick disassembly design, it is convenient for transportation and maintenance of the whole machine.

√ Airborne flight management computer is composed of 4 ARM Cortex-A9 processors, so as its main frequency can be up to 1.2GHz. In the mean time it has a powerful computing power as it is equipped with 2GB DDR3 operating storage and 16GB EMMC storage space. In addition, it has built-in 4G/5G module, Users can realize super remote control, cluster control, remote real-time monitoring and other functions of the UAV by the 4G/5G communication.
Product detail

The U880 UAV is a high-end UAV directional developed for the intelligent UAV nest. The UAV nest with the cooperation of the UAV can realize unmanned and automatic operations. The UAV?nest?platform?consists of flight management computer, 20 million high pixel pan-head camera, RTK positioning system, remote control, and mating PC control system, etc., as well as?equipped with two sets of high-density, quick-charging power batteries, so as?meets the needs of UAV to automatically take off, execute flight, returning, landing, automatically charge, upload data, data processing and analysis,?and other functions. Through this platform, we can?aromatically?complete field data collection work, such as the detailed?inspection, channel inspection, disaster assessment,?full view to asset and so on, for power line, transmission line?and distribution line. It provides a powerful support for unattended environment application provides a powerful guarantee?of the unattended environment.?At the same time?while equipped with a 4 g remote positioning module?which is with independent power supply, it can remotely?real-time tracking the position of the aircraft?to escort the UAV flight.?

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